alicia’s wedding….

last year i had the honor of working on my cousin alicia’s wedding.  i was in charge of creating all of the hair accessories – of course using pieces from my newly found button collection.

first come the bridesmaids…  all of which wore the same flower but in whatever way they chose!

then the flower girls.  my little olivia and niece belle (aren’t they adorable) – they each had a unique flower to put in their hair!

and finally – here comes the bride.  alicia’s hair accessory was especially important.  on the front was a vintage rhinestone button from my mother in law’s collection and on the back was a special “something blue” button and my mother in law’s signature.  just a little added touch to let alicia know that joan was of course with her that day!

the photo’s of alicia and dan were taken by this photographer!

…here is a little added bonus picture – my girl’s – i just love them!!


3 thoughts on “alicia’s wedding….

  1. You are so talented…and have an eye for what is beautiful and unique. And of course two gorgeous little girls to showcase your talent and a lovely bride as well!

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