school auction

my daughters school is having their yearly auction this weekend.  i wasnt able to join a committee or be of much help because of my travel schedule so in turn i decided that i would make a bunch of hair accessories to match their school uniforms, donate them to the school and then the school could sell them to make a profit.  it was a lot of fun trying to sew these together while on a plane with a not so smooth ride!  let’s just say i lost a few buttons along the way!

here is a sampling of what will be given to the school!

if you are interested in the location of the auction / BBQ carnival let me know!  also – if you are interested in any accessories to help the school let me know as well!

poor poor little blog…

my poor little blog, it has been neglected the past few weeks.  how do things get so out of control?  from STL to LA to STL to Michigan to STL to LA and then one more time to LA – ugh!  well i am finally home and i don’t think that i will have to travel for at least another week so hopefully i can catch up on some things.  one of my trips to LA was for fun – yea! here are some great little pics a took from my tiny little vaca!



happy easter…

happy easter and happy spring time

i mentioned in an earlier post how i always get spring pics taken with olivia and belle ~ here they are!  the grow up so quickly – i just love them!

i found the “digital tape” used to frame the pictures at this great blog – puglypixel

inspired by… rachel rose

i got the email this morning announcing the new collection for anthro ~ designed by rachel rose – can i just say how amazing these items are?  all of them are painted and printed by hand.  in love!

found here… anthropologie

1/teresa silk tank dress $248.00

2/senna silk tee $168.00

3/azure ink blot silk tee $138.00

4/lava silk tee $148.00

5/waverly silk day dress $248.00

spring shoot 2012

every year we do a little photo shoot of olivia and my niece belle, it’s always a big “to-do” – what outfits to wear, the day, the setting etc..

this year i made the headbands for this shoot – DIY to come soon!  i just love searching for the perfect fabrics to make these great little accessories!

we have used our photographer lissy a ton the past few years – she can be found here – she is great, especially with little kids. here is a little peak of our final shots ~ enjoy!